SHIPPING - Please note that Cavalier Pickups is still building and shipping within four business days. However, due to worldwide "pandemic issues", there are slowdown concerns with all shippers and that includes the USPS that Cavalier Pickups utilizes for both domestic (Priority) and international (1st Class Package) shipping.

This is definitely noticeable here in the USA, but Extremely noticeable for all shipments that leave the USA for other countries. In particular, those countries that are having port of entry holdup delays with no explanation.

USPS International Package will only track within the USA and once the package departs its borders the tracking stops. This is a very frustrating situation for both customers and Cavalier Pickups. We are extremely sorry for any delays due to these "government pandemic issues".

Due to the uncertain nature of international shipping, Cavalier Pickups is not responsible for lost or missing international shipments.

>>> USPS World Service Alerts <<<

Shipping within the USA is $10 via USPS Priority.

USPS 1st Class International shipping to Canada is $16.

USPS 1st Class International shipping for other countries is $23.

NOTE: After you place an order, the email address attached to you PayPal account will receive important information about your order. Please be sure to check your Spam, Junk, Trash, etc, email folders as these crazy days servers and email apps are too often treating valid email as anything but good email.